Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thoughts on Illustration:

Tara McPherson, one of my favorite illustrators...

How does Illustration differ from Design?
It's embarrassing how little I know about illustration, which was why I felt compelled to take this course in the first place. I'm surrounded by both and it seems strange that as an artist my knowledge is so limited--like living in a foreign country for 10 years and still having no grasp of the local language. I feel that design serves a more formal function (ex: slick product design) and that illustration serves as a more expressive mode of communication (ex: the graphic novel). My immediate knee jerk response to the word design conjures thoughts of fonts and margins, where as my response to illustration is less about text and alignment but more so about lush ideas that require image to be truly absorbed and understood.

What is the Purpose of Illustration?
Personally, I feel that illustration is a way to consolidate the BIG STUFF: experiences, cities, interpersonal relationships into visually pleasing bite-size pieces that can be digested by a viewer.

In your Life, where do you come across Illustration?

Magazine covers, website banners, children's books, adult books, bumper stickers, viral youtube animations, comics I wish I drew and on my walls--my best friends are talented illustrators and I try to collect their work when I can.

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