Thursday, April 8, 2010

[Advice Brainstorming]

After my initial list-making-adventure, I doodled some initial thumbnails that ended up in the idea graveyard. I thought they were kind of boring or done-to-death. Next! After a second round of doodling and a little more research I came to the two ideas that made the cut: "TRUST YER GUTS" and "IF IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE--IT IS."

I had thought about a lot of wordy quotes while standing at the bus stop this week, but decided that this is a postcard, not a novel, so I would keep the wording spare. I plan to use watercolor in concert with Illustrator--my Illustrator skills are limited, so this is the perfect opportunity to brush up and learn something. I'm clear on the pallet and placement of words on the unicorn doodle (which will be hand drawn) , but am still mulling on the use of text in the guts image. I'm leaning towards broad all-caps hand drawn text in a slightly lighter color than the dominating background so that it acts more like wallpaper, or a paper cut out.

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