Tuesday, February 16, 2010


[Jenny Dunn] Why I Love It: The work utilizes bright fresh pallets and often includes hand drawn elements to create charming playful collages with lose open compositions. What You'll See: Bunnies, ice cream cones, ephemera and cotton candy colors.

[Julien Pacaud] Why I Love It: These digital collages are built around limited sophisticated pallets and often star cheese-cakey retro images of pancake made-up housewives and saturated vintage furnishings. What You'll See: Teal, harvest gold, lipstick, bold shapes and 60's Chic.

[Christian Northeast] Why I Love It: Peculiar situations and off-putting proportions, just macabre enough to tickle your morbid curiosity but strays far from beating you over the head with the mall goth galleria of blood and guts. What You'll See: Turn of the century imagery, circus poster pallets, dead sailors, bird women and antiquated diving gear.

[Lori Feild] Why I Love It: Ephemeral stage-like narratives swimming in a psychedelic wonderlandia of pastels and patterns. Her works incorporate rich surfaces, collage and hand-drawn elements to create cohesive waking-dream-like environments that juxtapose the oddly uncomfortable and inviting. What You'll See: Girls in chiffon, intricate tattoos, white hares, tiger stripes, and supple sfumato surfaces.

[Ian Miller] Why I Love It: Dark, disturbing, gritty apocalyptic images composed of architectural and figural elements. The texture and motion in these mixed media pieces gives me the heebie jeebies. While some of the drawing and painting work is a little hokey science fiction horror for my taste, the collage based work is disjointed and jarring in the best way possible. What You'll See: Gas masks, decay and the occasional lamb fetus.

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