Sunday, March 7, 2010

[Thoughts on Comics]

"Comics are a unique art form, not a genre..." I'd never considered that--that each comic functions on it's own in a different way, that the reader must exert effort to interpret the message, to fill in the gaps. I would often think of graphic novels as illustrated movies, but that's untrue. The illustrator must imply the passage of time, depend on static imagery to communicate a gambit of emotions. If comics were like movies, all comics would be flip books...

minimalism. I get sucked into the trap of more is more. I'd forgotten about how effective and sophisticated Charles Schulz' work actually was: he talked about death and loss and joy--HEAVY PROFOUND STUFF with a simple bald kid and couple of scribbly lines. The lines that are presented are purposeful, the use of gesture is strong and the raw material of the story is deceptively compelling and truthful.

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